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Get the most from your cloud journey — no matter where you are on your path — with proven and trusted solutions from the industry-leading AWS Premier Partner.

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Configure systems faster
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Enjoy customer-focused support
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Achieve long-term

3 Ways to Gain Altitude on the AWS Cloud

Wherever your ambitions take you, we have the scalable and flexible capabilities to help you get there — and beyond.


Get mature tools, resources and unmatched support for a successful, streamlined migration.

Run tests and assessments
Build a foundation
to scale
Move existing applications
Cloud Success Story:
One Medical logo

One Medical Passport migrates in a weekend – saving 74% in migration costs

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For One Medical Passport, suspending normal operations for days or weeks for a cloud migration would disrupt medical care for millions of patients. Cloudnexa helped One Medical Passport migrate to the AWS Cloud quickly — and increase revenue by 30%.

AWS Partner Network – Migration Competency
AWS GovCloud Service Delivery Partner

Compliance and Security

Meet your security and compliance standards before you move a single workload.

Stay up to date with laws, policies and regulations without jeopardizing data, goals or objectives.
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Training and
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Risk and
vulnerability analysis
Provision your resources to AWS best practices with cloud design assurance and near real-time guidance.
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Compliance assessment
and review
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Enabled auditing
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Configured for federal
medical privacy laws
Cloud Success Story:
Sensiva logo

Sensiva Health pivots swiftly to join the
COVID-19 fight.

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When thousands of COVID-19 test kits arrived daily for processing, Sensiva realized its cloud platform was falling short. Sensiva turned to Cloudnexa to help it transition quickly to AWS while remaining compliant with HIPAA — with no downtime.

AWS Partner Network – Healthcare Competency

Managed Solutions

Supercharge your enterprise with solutions tailored
to your unique business processes.

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Managed Cloud Support
Reach for your goals confidently with comprehensive 24/7 support for your cloud infrastructure.
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Service monitoring
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Technical support
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Issue management
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Managed backups
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System maintenance
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Account configuration
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Cloudscan automatic audits
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Cloud Architect
Manager (CAM)
Relieve the operational burden of cloud deployments through shared responsibility.
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Evaluation from solution architect
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Cloud framework recommendations
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Future-proofing and planning
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Technical assistance
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Ongoing communication
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Account review services
Cloud Success Story:
Blue Bin logo

BlueBin accelerates growth with
modernized infrastructure.

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Following its migration to AWS, BlueBin implemented Cloudnexa Managed Cloud Support for proactive 24/7 monitoring, patching and support, as well as Cloudnexa Cloud Architect Manager to plan, design and optimize AWS deployments. Working with Cloudnexa, BlueBin has cut as much as 25% from workloads — and has improved its disaster recovery plan.

AWS Partner Network – Well-Architected Competency
AWS Partner Network – MSP Competency

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